Like most things in life, your success in university has less to do with how smart you are and more to do with your attitude and willingness to work hard.  The truth is being a good student isn’t about knowing everything.  In fact, it’s not about getting straight As at all.   This may sound like a cliche, but those who truly succeed in university are the ones that focus on getting an education rather than a degree.  These are the students who walk in to their lectures with a clear understanding that they’re going to learn more talking to their professors after class than listening to their professors during class.  The tricky thing about going to university is that you’re actually paying for a degree that you can obtain for free by borrowing library books and listening to TED lectures.

So, you’re probably wondering what’s the point in going to university then?  Well, it’s really in the journey.  University comes at a very unique and opportune time for most students.  I remember entering university at eighteen years old feeling absolutely excited (and also a little afraid) to be there.  It’s a place of great opportunity to not only learn, but learn how to succeed  and learn how successful people succeed and reach the top of their respective fields.  This is the real value of going to university – to be placed in that unique opportunity to meet the professors, students and industry experts who can mentor you and partner with you to reach your full potential.