When I first started university, I didn’t drink coffee.  In fact, I never liked the taste and didn’t really enjoy that ‘jittery’ feeling I got the few times I had a social cuppa joe with people.  But, by the end of my looong journey through my undergrad years, I can honestly say that I became sort of a coffee-a-holic.  It was probably in second year when I had two jobs, had my first serious relationship and was undertaking a double major program that I started to really down Juan Valdez’s favourite drink.  I think I was drinking two or three cups a day at that point and I’d definitely have one or two extra if I had to pull an all-nighter writing a paper.  Basically, I don’t think I could have survived university not having developed a caffeine addiction!  Unfortunately, you’ll probably need it as well since caffeine has become a routine dietary supplement for many students who are struggling to juggle the crazy work-life-party-study balancing act.

Anyway, this chart’s a pretty interesting read for those curious about what caffeine is and how it affects your mental & physical state.  Check it  out!