Your first year in university will probably the most important year of your academic life.  Having a good start here will open up many opportunities for you.  At the same time, a bad start will limit, if not close, the many exciting learning experiences you can have in higher education. FirstYearUniversity.com is here to help you with everything from deciding where to go for university to how to get the most of your experience when you get there.



Rey Buenaventura is a former Academic Advisor who has over ten years of academic advising experience.  During this time, he has helped develop student transition and advising programs for special student populations, such as international students, student athletes and aboriginal students. He graduated with an Honors degree in Communication in 2002 and has since gone on to complete a Master’s in Communication in 2007. Rey lives in Vancouver, B.C. In his spare time, he volunteers as the Social Media Manager for the Compassionate Eye Foundation and is aspiring to be a social media guru of sorts. You can follow Rey on Twitter.

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